The Most Beautiful Places To Visit

Traveling is a passion for many. Some places are so astonishing that they tend to take your breath away. Here I am going to provide you with some of such holiday destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It won’t matter if are a mountain or a beach person, you are going to love these vacation spots. Whether it be China or the Arctic Circle, these places are a wholesome combination of some of nature’s wonders and some of the classic man-made establishments and must be visited once in your lifetime.

1.Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most beautiful, romantic places on earth that no one should miss. Brimmed with luxurious hotels, stunning views of the Caldera, delicious Greek food, world-class wine, beautiful sunsets, scenic walks, and hand-made clothes and jewelry, it sure could be one of your bucket-list holiday destinations.

2.Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

This glacier is a part of the Patagonian ice field and is located in southern Chile and Argentina. Imagine walking along magnificent blue ice lakes while breathing the fresh crisp air and listening to the crackling of the glaciers. Well, that is some experience. A small town named El Calafate, located near the glacier, will awe you with its charm and quaintness and is worth a visit. So, if the idea of kayaking in front of the glacier or walking up the trail that leads you to the viewpoint where you can catch a glimpse of the glacier amazes you, this sure is the place.

3.Fairbanks, Alaska

What makes Fairbanks an absolutely must place to visit is the Northern lights. Located just below the Arctic circle, it is the perfect place that is neither expensive nor crowded. You can enjoy all your favorite winter activities including world-class skiing and engage in the snowy landscapes. You can even take a train up to Fairbanks for an Aurora viewing trip, head down to Talkeetna for a pie-making class, or see the winter view of Denali Mountain.

4.Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you want to wake up to beautiful turquoise water, take a swim with manta rays and even sharks and have a stay in your very own floating bungalow to view breath-taking sunsets above the ocean, then Bora Bora has made its way up to the top. If you are a water sports fan and love to explore the scent of the ocean then you will also enjoy the availability of jet-skis, paddleboard, outrigger canoes, sailboats, catamarans, and glass submarines each day of your stay.

5.Tianzi Mountain, China

Tianzi Mountain is a surreal spot that you wouldn’t want to believe your eyes that such a place could ever exist. The beauty and unusual nature of the park are unbelievable. You can be taken up by a funicular or a glass-lift and admire the breath-taking view from a bird’s eye. The natural scenery is wild, rugged, and pretty much untouched. It is a heaven-like place on earth that is worth getting a visit.

6.Machu Pichu, Peru

Talk about being one of the seven wonders, Machu Pichu is exclusively famous for its exotic geographical location, massive stone structure, and various hiking trails. Imagine trekking through the Andes mountains at over 15,000 feet and camping under the crisp Andean night sky for 3 nights via the classic Inca trail before entering Machu Picchu at the crack of dawn? Another reason to visit this heritage is the country its located in. Peru has also won various awards in a variety of categories including culinary and there is so much more to experience here.

7.Pamukkale, Turkey

Acclaimed as the cotton castle, this landscape is a series of terraced basins and petrified waterfalls created from seventeen hot springs. It is a natural spa variant and you can swim in it as the Romans once did. It is considered sacred and the water is said to heal various body ailments. Pamukkale and Hierapolis have jointly been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. So, if you are looking for mineral-rich hot spring water with chunks of fallen marble scattered around you in the water, this is going to be the most alluring spa experience you will ever have.

8. Venice, Italy

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, Venice is an archipelago of 118 islands connected by various canals and bridges. Ferries and boats are the only means of transport around the city. Venice is home to one of the most prominent opera houses in Italy and one of the most popular destinations around the world where roaming around the whole city in a gondola, watching the historical sights, and being sung to by a gondolier is just a leisure thing.

9.Tulip Fields, Netherlands

The overwhelming colors of the tulip buds are a striking sight in Holland during the spring. Variant and bright colors of pink, blue, red, yellow flowers are magnificent and a must view, or as we should say, a must experience. Beautiful landscapes, annual festivals, and numerous activities occur that keep the place interestingly fun. Walking through the tulip fields whilst getting the whiff of them and experiencing one of the biggest flower collection is truly amazing.

10.Mount Roraima, Venezuela

If you are visiting Venezuela, you cannot miss the amazing adventure of hiking in Mount Roraima in Canaima National Park. You can either walk various trails or take a helicopter up to the summit and stay there for 2-3 days. The view from the top is magnificent and you’ll require a good camera and a lot of films. It is one of the most recommended climbs in South America and you will find a fantastic world of crystal valleys, gorges, sandy beaches, mists and fog, fissures, rock formations, pools, and waterfalls.

11. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet, and a quick escape from the city, then Sagano Bamboo Forest is the place to go. A nature-loving person will be mesmerized by this place as the bamboos, swaying side to side, is guaranteed to replenish you with freshness. This place is even listed in the “100 soundscapes of Japan”. The whole path is about 500 meters so you could either walk, take a bicycle ride, or even get a rickshaw which is pulled by a man. The scenery is so good that the only thing to worry about is how to look good in the pictures because the background is gonna take care of itself. So, if you are visiting Japan, don’t forget to have a stress-free experience in the forest.

12. Ik Kil Cenote, Yucatan, Mexico


It is one of the most beautiful cenotes and being close to Chichén Itzá, it has become more famous. What makes it different from other cenotes is that it is covered in lush vines and leaves which hangs down from the top, some even reaching the water. It is in a perfectly round shape which makes it such a beautiful sinkhole. You are not allowed to dive from the top but a small cliff has been made inside from where you can have a dive. And after having a refreshing swim, you can even relax on the hammocks and sunbeds. The food there is also not that expensive. In short, Ik Kil Cenote is a perfect day out to have a cooling time with nature.

13. Tasiilaq, East Greenland

Though it is a small town, it is the largest one in East Greenland. The Sermilik fjord is the second-largest fjord in Greenland contained with numerous large icebergs. Imagine boating among these icebergs and seeing different views in the fjord each day. You can even get intimate views of the ice through kayaking while watching a whale or two. You can also hike through the mountains. If you visit Tassilaq in winters, you can even get the experience of dog-sledding, skiing, and the northern lights.

14. Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Being the world’s largest Imperial Palace, The Forbidden City is a must-see for all visitors to China. It is so large that you would be unable to explore it in a day. It will give you a glimpse of traditional Chinese architecture and rich Chinese culture. It is also one of the top 10 museums in China where you will find glorious artifacts and ancient treasures. You will even find some buildings with Arabic architecture. And if you are a cat person, you are gonna love it because more than 100 cats are living inside the palace.

15. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue lagoon is a magical, misty, quiet vacation spot. The dreamy like steamy water will relax your muscles in a hushed atmosphere along with giving you an incredible spa experience. There are different packages available at the Blue Lagoon which includes the provision of algae and silica masks that will nourish your face and also some premium drinks at the swim-up bar. The view is enchanting with the sunlight entangling with the clouds and steam from the waters. If you are visiting Iceland, this place must be on your list if you want to have the best bath of your life.

16. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands are a part of the undiscovered Norweigan archipelago situated near the arctic circle. It is a selection of all sorts of colors with blue Caribbean sea, purple mountains, green lush, and red fishing villages. It has both mountain peaks and seashores. The beaches are untouched with white sands, turquoise water, beautiful mountain backdrop with a breathtaking view of the sunlight catching the sea. You can also enjoy various activities like hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, whale watching, diving, surfing, climbing, scuba diving and two of the most peculiar features of the island is the midnight sun and the Northern lights. This place is an all-year-round destination which makes it the perfect layoff.

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