Career options after 12th Arts

There are so many career options that you may pursue after 12th Arts. It is considered to be the creative field and it is true that people who think out of the box mainly opt for this field. However, there are so many courses that you could take after the 12th Art stream and all of them are promising too.

Here is a list of courses with their duration that includes many Arts as well as other programs. You could pursue both degrees and diplomas.

  1. BA in:(3 years)
    • English Literature
    • Hindi Literature
    • Sanskrit
    • Economics
    • Geography
    • Philosophy
    • Home Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Education
    • Ancient History
    • Music
    • Public Administration
    • Accessory Design
    • Jewelry Design
    • Psychology
  2. BA IN Hospitality and Travel-3 years
  3. BJ(Bachelor of Journalism)-4 years
  4. LLB(Bachelor of Law)-3 years
  5. BA in Animation-3 years
  6. B Sc(Interior Design)-3 years 
  7. Fashion Designing-4 years
  8. BCA(Bachelors in Computer Application)-3 years
  9. BMM-(Bachelor of Mass Media)-3 years 
  10. BA in Humanity and Social Sciences-3 years 
  11. B Com in Accounting and Commerce-3 years 
  12. Air Hostess/Steward-1 year
  13. BA Hons-3 years

Choosing the right career is extremely essential and solely depends on the interests of an individual. I hope this was useful to you. For any queries, please leave a comment.

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