20 Things to do in quarantine

We are all stuck at home doing nothing in quarantine so why not make something out of it. There may be hundreds of stuff you would’ve thought to do but somehow you just can’t get it done right. So here is a list of activities that you could be interested in. As we have plenty of time on our hands than we have ever had, you’ll be glad you did this stuff once when all this is over.

So here is a list of fun things that you can get your hands on at your home in quarantine.

1.Learn a musical instrument

Are you a music person? And if so, why not take your love for music to another level by learning an instrument. Trust me it’s not that difficult. There are so many online platforms that’ll teach you basics and even some songs. And once you’ve learned to play something, not only you’ll enjoy that song more but you’ll already be looking for your next jam.

2.Start a journal

Do you have some thoughts that you somehow keep forgetting about? Well, a journal may come in handy for such a situation where you can jot down your ideas, dreams, to-do lists, goals, and whatnot. And once you’ve gained the will to write every day, you’ll have more fun with your thoughts as now they’ll not be long lost.

3. Enroll in an online course

Enroll in an online course and boost your confidence by attending daily, completing, and submitting your assignments. Some platforms even offer a certificate so it’ll help you build a strong profile. Whether it be art, politics, or artificial intelligence, you can start today for free and also track your progress. Platforms like Edx, Udemy, and Coursera are some of the platforms that you can take a look at.

4. Read a book

Are your friends always recommending you some books to read? Now is the perfect time to do so. Indulge yourself into a book whether it be a collection of short stories or a thriller one. It’ll be a great way to improve your vocabulary and expand your imagination. It is also a great way to relax your mind and get some time off from reality. You can also buy cheap, second-hand books from online stores and then sell them later. You can also listen to audio-books if you not that into reading.

5.Complete that show

We all have that one or ten shows that we have been putting off and they are so worth watching but you didn’t have time. Either you have heard it from your friends or left if, after the second season. This is the time to complete it and maybe finally join the F.R.I.E.N.D.S family or ready to have that discussion about your favorite character.

6. Watch iconic movies

Never watched Die Hard or the Harry Potter series? This is exactly the time to enjoy such classic movies with your friends and family. Then there will remain just one task and that is figuring out that one great movie for tonight. But then again, we do have a lot of time to see them all.

7. Make videos

Make videos even if it is a small thing like your little sister eating or your dog petting you or a stranger walking down by the road(okay that is not cool). Edit those videos, learn about new editing techniques, get creative, post them. This will also create a lot of memories of the time that you had to spend your days in quarantine with your family and relive these days.

8.Google your favorite topic

You can get your curious mind to work by googling interesting topics like how the universe work, how airplanes fly, the mystery behind the Bermuda triangle, and who exactly are the Kardashians. Just pick one matter each day and find out everything you can. It will increase your general knowledge and keep you intrigued about the stuff happening around you.

9.Improve your vocabulary

Vocabulary makes your writing and speaking more powerful. Building your vocabulary will not only make your writing tasks convenient but you’ll always be flushing with new words. Just set a goal to learn some words daily and you’ll be good to go. Do puzzles, play scrabble, maintain a journal, or even take a writing course and you’ll find a way to spend your quarantine and improve your vocabulary as well.

10.Learn a new language

Let’s admit we all have thought about learning a new language at some point in life and also it is so much fun to know more than just your native language. So what could be a better time than this to learn a whole new language? With apps like DuolingoMemRise, and HelloTalk you can start learning different languages for free.

11.Spend more time with your family

It might have been a while since you spent quality time with your loved ones. But this quarantine has given us ample amount of time to finally sit with them, eat with them, and share family stories. So, before normal life kicks in again with the busy schedule, make the most out of it.

12. Start exercising

If staying at home has taught us one thing then that is to stay healthy and fit. Sitting on your bed the whole day, eating crackers will only affect that tummy so why not take 30-40 minutes of your day to finally do some workout. I would recommend Blogilates for a free workout routine and dietary plans and if you wanna have some fun while exercising, try The Fitness Marshall workout videos.

13. Start a Youtube channel

Creating a youtube channel can be fun in so many ways. You can get to your creative side thinking about the content, learn how youtube works and who knows maybe you’ll start earning by posting videos. You just have to think about what videos you’d like to create. It could be anything. A vlog, compilation of funny clips, or reviewing products.

14. Write stories and poems

Many of us have so many stories and gossip to tell. So why not get innovative and create interesting stories or poems. You can even start a blog where you write your stuff and also engage other people to write theirs or participate in various online competitions.

15.Catch up with your long lost friends

Everyone has that one friend that they lost touch with or used to study or work with but now have just grown apart. So why not communicate with them and laugh at all those silly moments that you might have had. It’ll be great as they would be in the same position as you, stuck at home.


Meditation is a great way to soothe your inner-self and relax. Now that we are finally free from our hectic schedules, we can top it up with a daily dose of mediation. Apps like headspace and calm will help you develop meditation habits that you’ll want to continue even after quarantine is over.

17.Learn a new skill

It’s time to try that recipe out or finally learn cycling or do gardening or learn knitting, sewing, or crocheting. It can be anything that you’ve wanted to learn for a long time. You can also improve your memory by learning various techniques. There is no end to learn a new skill and keep yourself entertained.

18. Get a good sleep

We all complain about not getting enough sleep due to early mornings and late nights. It is essential to have at least 8 hours of proper sleep for daily efficiency and healthy living. So sleep all you can before the late-night assignments and early morning meetings come back. And if you need help sleeping, apps like headspace and noisli are always there.

19. Get to your artistic self

Start on that painting that you’ve been planning. Create doodles, try sketching, jewelry-making, or even decorate your room. Art stationery is easily available. You just have to grab that stuff and start exploring the creative corner of your mind. You can look up various ideas online where they’ll even teach you how to perform basic arts.

20. Plan your future

Creating a successful career requires proper planning and when you have this much amount of free time why not utilize it to find your passion and the things that interest you most and that you can have a career in. Try different courses, experiment with your skills, research about colleges and jobs, talk to experts. Just be ready so that when the time comes, you’ll have a definite plan.

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